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यथा चित्तं तथा वाकयं यथा वाकयं तथा क्रिया । चित्ते वाचि क्रियायां साधुनामेकरूपता || Bookmark and Share




 || Dharmasya Jayosthu ||

Daivaadheenam Jagath Sarvam | Mantraadheenamthu Daivatham ||
Tan Mantram Braahmanaadheenam | Braahmano Mama Devatha ||

Welcome to
Viswa Kalyanam

“Viswa Kalyanam” is a Devotional Website, 
started with a concept to educate and energize our Society.

This website provides Text info. for given below subjects.

Stotras, Ashtottaras & Vratha Kathas,
Poojaa Details & Lists
Vedic Calendars for your local timezones.
Panchanga info. like Muhurtha, Jyotisha, Vaasthu etc.,
Vedic Books being printed by Sri Sastry,
About Hindu Priests, who are doing their services to Almighty Lord,
 without any commercial thoughts & are in financial needs
Devotional activities organizing by Sri Sastry to bless Viswa Kalyanam.

Also provides audio files for given below subjects.

Veda Mantras, Vedam Lessons,
Satsanga pravachanas
Vedic Stotras, Vratha Kathas & Pooja Vidhanas.

|| Viswasya Kalyanamasthu ||
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