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यथा चित्तं तथा वाकयं यथा वाकयं तथा क्रिया । चित्ते वाचि क्रियायां साधुनामेकरूपता || Bookmark and Share

About Viswakalyanam

                'Viswakalyanam' (Viswakalyana Mahaa Yagnam) is a spiritual journey, started by Sri Kalyana sastry Amanchi and Viswakalyana Parivaaram (brothers & sisters of Our Spiritual Family). The main concept is to promote right spiritual values among our Society. As a part of this journey, this website is being launched on Sri Vikruthi Naama Samvatsara Nrusimha Jayanthi (26th May 2010, Wednesday).  Especially, this is also Janmadina Mahotsava of Sri Sastry’s Parents, Brahmasri Venkata Gurunadha Sastry & Smt. Venkata Rajyalakshmi. 

Sri Sastry is offering this 'Viswakalyanam' as Guru Dakshina to His Father & Guru, ‘Mahadaacharya’ ‘Alankaara Kalaa Saamrat’ ‘Aagama Visaarada’ ‘Srividyopaasaka’ Brahmasri Amanchi Venkata Gurunadha Sastry. 

'Viswakalyanam' guides you about Stotras, Vedic Mantras, Satsanga Pravachanas, Poojaa, Muhurtha, Jyotisha, Vaasthu & important Hindu devotional information. By using this website, hindu priests and also devotees can gain a Right Knowledge about our Hinduism and can guide others properly. 

'Viswakalyanam' provides information about Vedic Books being printed & under printing process by Sri Sastry. Also, we are trying to provide information about well-versed Hindu Priests who are doing their services with good spiritual values.  This website gives information about spiritual events happening, under the scholarly guidance of Sri Sastry, We heartfully invite you, to be member of our Viswakalyana Parivaaram.

Viswasya Kalyanamasthu
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