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यथा चित्तं तथा वाकयं यथा वाकयं तथा क्रिया । चित्ते वाचि क्रियायां साधुनामेकरूपता || Bookmark and Share

About Sri Sastry’s Dynasty

Sri Sastry has born in a Vedic Family of Andhra Pradesh, India. His Grandfather ‘Kulapathi’ Brahmasri Veera Raghavaih Amanchi was a well known Vaidic Scholar (Vaidika Aagama Pandit) and spent his whole life for the welfare of Hindu-Priests. His Father ‘Mahadaacharya’ ‘Alankaara Kalaa Saamrat’ ‘Aagama Visaarada’ ‘Srividyopaasaka’ Brahmasri Venkata Gurunadha Sastry Amanchi is an authorized Aagma Supervisor, Archaka Examinor for Endowments Dept., Govt., of Andhra Pradesh, India.

About Sri Sastry’s Grand Father

    Sri Sastry’s Grandfather Brahmasri Amanchi Veera Raghavaiah is a authorized Vedic Scholar. He was entitled as ‘Kulapathi’ & ‘Alankara Kala Samrat’. He spent his whole life for the welfare of Hindu Priests & Hindu Society. He preapared a syllabus for Vaidika Aagama Pandits (Hindu Priests) to perform Poojas, Kalyana Mahotsavas, Devatha Pratishtas and all other Vaidika Aagama Rites & Rituals with perfection to bless viswa kalyanam. In the beginning A.P. Government was not interested to organize Vaidika Aagama examinations. For 6 years, he organized these Vaidika Aagama examinations under his own guidance with the assistance of other vedic Scholars and certified more than 15000 Hindu Priests as “Vaidika Aagama Pandits”. Later, Endowments Dept., of Andhra Pradesh is conducting these examinations & providing authorized certificates for well- versed Vaidika Aagama Pandits.

About Sri Sastry’s Father & Guru

    Sri Sastry’s Father Brahmasri Amanchi Venkata Gurunadha Sastry is a well-versed Vaidika Aagama Pandit. He is entitled as ‘Mahadaacharya’ ‘Alankaara Kalaa Saamrat’ & ‘Aagama Visaarada’. He performs Srichakrarchana according to Sri Kalyaanaananda bhaarathi Saampradaaya and has given Deekshaa Naama as ‘Srividyaanandanaatha’. He is Author & Publisher Of A.P. Govt., Vaidika Aagama Examination Text Books. He is also doing his services as Vaidika Aagama Supervisor & Archaka Examinor for Endowments Dept., Govt., of Andhra Pradesh. He is a well-versed Vaidic Scholar having utmost devotion towards Almighty. He wish every Hindu-priest to be a Guru and not an employee. The only Employer for any Temple is Almightly Lord and no Hindu Priest should be treated as an employee. Only with his inspiration, Sri Kalyanasastry selected Vaidika Profession and extendending his services to bless Viswa Kalyanam.

About Sri Kalyanasastry Amanchi

Sri Sastry is certified as ‘Mahadaacharya’ by A.P. Govt. Endowments Department. He completed the courses of Vaidikaagama, Smaartha, Jyotisha, Muhurtha, Vaasthu & Prasna Vibhaagas at his Father & Guru, Brahmasri Venkata Gurunadha Sastry.  He is a multi-language Hindu Priest and organizes Hindu Rites & Rituals in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and English.

He is performing Hindu Religious services as a Smaartha, Vaidika Aagama Pandit & Hindu Religious Adviser for Various Temples, Societies, Companies etc.,.  He is organizing Yagna Yaagaadi Krathus, Devasthaana Sankhusthapana, Pratishta, Kumbhabhisheka, Jeernodharana and other Mahotsavas.  

Along with his services in India, he also served as Vaidika Agama Pandit (Hindu-Priest) in USA for approx. two years (27th May 2008 to 27th Feb 2010). Presently, he is living in Chirala, Andhra Pradesh of India.  With an intension to energize our Hindu Society (Priests & Devotees) he started his New Spiritual Journey, 'Viswa Kalyana Maha Yagnam' (Viswakalyanam). This website is launched to promote right spiritual values of Hinduism.  His main aim & vision is to achieve Viswa Kalyanam. 

We pray to Almighty Lord, to bless you all good health, wealth and prosperity.
Wishing you all a happiest life.
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